Farewell to a Friend

Our dear friend and band mate Julius is heading for the Midwest, which means he'll be departing The Old Fashions. Amanda and I have decided that we'll keep TOF going.

It's a weird thing to lose a friend and a band member at the same time. Julius and I have been playing music together off and on for 14 years. The Old Fashions would have never gotten started without Julius' insane backlog of songs. As Amanda once said when we first started rehearsing up the rabbit hole at Glasslands, Julius seems to s**t out songs. It's been the three of us since day one, so this will certainly be an interesting transition.

Tonight's show at Rockwood Music Hall will be at Rockwood 1 -- the smaller venue. It'll be an acoustic performance with just Amanda and Julius... a nice, intimate farewell for Julius. Tonight, I'll get to sit and watch as a fan.