It's a hot, humid August. Feeling the heat.

We're headed full force into our third gig and sounding tighter each rehearsal. We've been lucky enough to consistently play alongside some talented players in the past few months and are happy to add Whynot Jansveld on bass (Harper Blynn, The Weepies) and Scott Metzger (?uestLove, Joss Stone) on guitar, to the repertoire. We're playing Cameo in Williamsburg (August 11) with a full 5 piece band - sounds awesome. Their stage is super fun - we'll play underneath this cool chandelier thingy (reminds me of an Octopus - don't over think it- you may creep yourself out).

August has been the 'cross the list' type of month- we're all trying to be proactive. Find more players, write more songs (Julius and I have some stuff up our sleeves and Byron wrote a song which will be debuted very soon), work on a logo and book some shows in new places (ahem, SF and Boston to be specific).

Julius, Byon (the boys) and I have been spending alot of time together planning, playing, and hanging out. Summer is winding up (I know, not rushing it but just sayin') but the fall will be full of some good happenings.

Speaking of good happenings, My man of 8+ years and I asked my hand in marriage, I said yes. I am engaged. Wow.

I'd also made my way to the original place of inspiration where I'd seen catnip in Brattleboro, Vt. Seeing this rejuvenated my love for the game As Byron pointed out the game's real name is Ringing the Bull...alas we still call it Catnip as we're hooked. Anyways, here are some photos documenting all of what's been mentioned.

Keep listening and supporting musician friends and strangers. We're all a part of the music community and it's a small world. Maybe we'll play with you in the future.

Love & light. Amanda