July 4th Tree Nip & Recording Recap

Part of this story is a little dated since we're already at the 16th of July.

July 4th

Side note: Trader Joes has a beer called "Simpler Times." They have a lager and a pilsner. On July 4th, it was $4.49 for 6 of them. Maybe it's that cheap every day. Any ways, $0.74 for a beer in NYC is something to note.

We all went to Amanda's house up in Yorktown Heights for the 4th of July. We swam, played basketball, threw the football, kicked a soccer ball, volleyed a volleyball, played wiffle ball, ate an absolutely outrageous amount, drank some Simpler Times, held sparklers at sundown, BUT -- most importantly -- we managed to set up Cat Nip on a tree. It was a hit. Everyone played. Everyone watched. You can see it in a couple of photos below. Amanda found the supplies and Julius and I set it up. We used a tree. It was awesome.

It turns out, Cat Nip is actually called Ringing the Bull and is apparently one of the oldest pub games ever dating back to the Crusades (thank you Laura for the research).

All in all, an awesome day that left me feeling very out of shape.


Fun, fun, fun. We managed to record three songs in four days this time. Last time, it took us four weeks to do two songs. We had Catherine Popper (Ryan Adams, Grace Potter) on bass again, Patrick Firth on the Wurlitzer, and Chris Masterson (Steve Earle, Son Volt) on the lead guitar.

It sounds great. I mean... I am biased, but it really does sound great. There are some pictures below. It's so fun to record in a live setting with every one in the room at the same time.

Track Listing:

Old Days
The Shuffle
Starting Line

We're going to release the songs online before our August 11th show at Cameo Gallery and we'll have it available for sale on vinyl at the show.