TOF and 2014

I can't believe it's been two years since we started The Old Fashions. At the time, we booked our first show at Glasslands without a name. In a way I'm surprised that we made it two years. Bands are like relationships. And two years is a long time for any relationship.

Julius is now back down in Houston, TX and Amanda and I are still continuing on. We completed our six song EP at the Magic Shop last year and we're finally getting out all of our Kickstarter rewards. I'm already ready to record again.

And we've got two shows coming up -- Tuesday, January 21st at Rockwood 2 and then again on Thursday, February 27th at Bowery Electric. Both shows will have Catherine on bass and Rich on guitar. If only Aaron weren't living in Nashville. One of these days we'll have the same five from the studio on the stage. If that ever happens, I will likely flub something b/c I'll be in awe of how awesome everyone else sounds. The Bowery Electric show will be our 'release' show for the Night of Champions recording. We'll have vinyl, CDs, and new shirts for sale.

Amanda's been traveling all around Europe for a few weeks. Here's one of her photos.