Amendment to the Last Post

So we've got a show coming up on Monday, February 18th -- President's Day. This will be Julius' last show with us as a full band. The acoustic set a few weeks ago was awesome (I stood front and center -- even teared up a bit when J & A sang NY, NY, NY), but it just wasn't a proper send off. I'm crazy excited to go record with Amanda, Catherine, Aaron and Tom, but I'm also really excited about this show on the 18th. In my 14 years of playing music, it's been almost exclusively with Julius. I get sentimental about these things. I know Amanda does. So, I hope you'll come out and watch this last show for this era of The Old Fashions and say good bye to J as he'll be heading to Chicago the day after.

Farewell to a Friend

Our dear friend and band mate Julius is heading for the Midwest, which means he'll be departing The Old Fashions. Amanda and I have decided that we'll keep TOF going.

It's a weird thing to lose a friend and a band member at the same time. Julius and I have been playing music together off and on for 14 years. The Old Fashions would have never gotten started without Julius' insane backlog of songs. As Amanda once said when we first started rehearsing up the rabbit hole at Glasslands, Julius seems to s**t out songs. It's been the three of us since day one, so this will certainly be an interesting transition.

Tonight's show at Rockwood Music Hall will be at Rockwood 1 -- the smaller venue. It'll be an acoustic performance with just Amanda and Julius... a nice, intimate farewell for Julius. Tonight, I'll get to sit and watch as a fan.

New year / January 2013

Howdy - Amanda here. Writing website entries is hard, well not hard but rather I don't do it as often as I should. In any case, Happy New Year! It's officially been 1 year since The Old Fashions have been a cohesive working band and it's been a hell of a ride. Playing and recording with old friends, strangers who have become new friends, writing and learning from each other has been quite an experience.

I realize that the boys are incredibly talented, stupidly fun to hang out with and they make good music.

2013 will be a good year, we'll make it such. Hoping to come to a venue near you - dream big yeah?

Love and light worldwide,

The Old Fashions are Amanda Chessa, Byron Sorrells, and Julius Myren

The Old Fashions Store

The shop section of our site is now up. Yes, it's totally safe, secure, https, etc. When you're checking out, you should seen a green lock in the top left of your browser.

There are shirts and totes right now. The vinyl and CD (yes, yes... people still drive and listen to CD!) will be in there soon.

Click here to visit the shop!

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November / Fall of 2012

Just a quick update in case you some how missed all of these various bits of news via social mediums.

Amanda has a broken finger. We're playing Rockwood 2 again on November 28th -- this time with Patrick on piano. I love that set up. We finally released the Old Days EP which includes Old Days, The Shuffle, and Starting Line. We got t-shirts and tote bags made. They'll be available at the show for only $5 each. I'm finally back in NY which makes me so, so, so very happy.

Already planning the next recording session in January -- four more new songs including NY, NY, NY which was debuted at Rockwood on October 15th.

Cameo Gallery Live Recording

It's a hot, humid August. Feeling the heat.

We're headed full force into our third gig and sounding tighter each rehearsal. We've been lucky enough to consistently play alongside some talented players in the past few months and are happy to add Whynot Jansveld on bass (Harper Blynn, The Weepies) and Scott Metzger (?uestLove, Joss Stone) on guitar, to the repertoire. We're playing Cameo in Williamsburg (August 11) with a full 5 piece band - sounds awesome. Their stage is super fun - we'll play underneath this cool chandelier thingy (reminds me of an Octopus - don't over think it- you may creep yourself out).

August has been the 'cross the list' type of month- we're all trying to be proactive. Find more players, write more songs (Julius and I have some stuff up our sleeves and Byron wrote a song which will be debuted very soon), work on a logo and book some shows in new places (ahem, SF and Boston to be specific).

Julius, Byon (the boys) and I have been spending alot of time together planning, playing, and hanging out. Summer is winding up (I know, not rushing it but just sayin') but the fall will be full of some good happenings.

Speaking of good happenings, My man of 8+ years and I asked my hand in marriage, I said yes. I am engaged. Wow.

I'd also made my way to the original place of inspiration where I'd seen catnip in Brattleboro, Vt. Seeing this rejuvenated my love for the game As Byron pointed out the game's real name is Ringing the Bull...alas we still call it Catnip as we're hooked. Anyways, here are some photos documenting all of what's been mentioned.

Keep listening and supporting musician friends and strangers. We're all a part of the music community and it's a small world. Maybe we'll play with you in the future.

Love & light. Amanda

July 4th Tree Nip & Recording Recap

Part of this story is a little dated since we're already at the 16th of July.

July 4th

Side note: Trader Joes has a beer called "Simpler Times." They have a lager and a pilsner. On July 4th, it was $4.49 for 6 of them. Maybe it's that cheap every day. Any ways, $0.74 for a beer in NYC is something to note.

We all went to Amanda's house up in Yorktown Heights for the 4th of July. We swam, played basketball, threw the football, kicked a soccer ball, volleyed a volleyball, played wiffle ball, ate an absolutely outrageous amount, drank some Simpler Times, held sparklers at sundown, BUT -- most importantly -- we managed to set up Cat Nip on a tree. It was a hit. Everyone played. Everyone watched. You can see it in a couple of photos below. Amanda found the supplies and Julius and I set it up. We used a tree. It was awesome.

It turns out, Cat Nip is actually called Ringing the Bull and is apparently one of the oldest pub games ever dating back to the Crusades (thank you Laura for the research).

All in all, an awesome day that left me feeling very out of shape.


Fun, fun, fun. We managed to record three songs in four days this time. Last time, it took us four weeks to do two songs. We had Catherine Popper (Ryan Adams, Grace Potter) on bass again, Patrick Firth on the Wurlitzer, and Chris Masterson (Steve Earle, Son Volt) on the lead guitar.

It sounds great. I mean... I am biased, but it really does sound great. There are some pictures below. It's so fun to record in a live setting with every one in the room at the same time.

Track Listing:

Old Days
The Shuffle
Starting Line

We're going to release the songs online before our August 11th show at Cameo Gallery and we'll have it available for sale on vinyl at the show.

End of June Update

Well, it looks like I've already gotta change my tune (pun definitely intended). Let's be realistic. I probably won't write a couple times a week. It'll either be twice a month or every day. And to top that off, our recording session at the Magic Shop has been postponed until September. A certain someone got offered a certain gig with a certain someone and it wasn't to be refused, so all were not able to be present at the scheduled time. September is so far. Ugh.

To hold us over (and possibly you -- if you're into new music...

[the rest of this post was lost in the 'fire']