What's Happening in June

I should preface this bit of writing with how I am both hesitant to do it and that I intend to do it on a regular basis. Music and all that surrounds it occupies a large part of my thought pool, so I figure it's a healthy outlet to get some of it down "on paper."

June has been much anticipated. We finally moved into a new, permanent rehearsal space that is all our own on North 15th and Franklin in Brooklyn. Our previous home at Glasslands has been turned into a green room for the headliner. I loved that room. It was referred to as...

[the rest of this post was lost in the 'fire']

Live at Manhattan Inn | Sunday, June 24th

We're going to play a free show at Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It'll be semi acoustic, so you can hear all the songs a little softer and a little slower.

Some Cover Art

We finally settled on some cover art!

The Old Fashions 7"

After visiting "the Greenpoint studio" three times, Seaside Lounge down in Gowanus, and the Cutting Room in Manhattan, our first two songs are complete.

Glasslands in Brooklyn

Isn't that just the most unappealing picture ever? Glasslands isn't the most beautiful NYC landmark -- especially during the day. However, Glasslands is awesome and Pop Gun Booking are as well. They consistently put on great shows and we're happy to be playing there.

We'll be playing at Glasslands in Brooklyn on Tuesday, April 10th. You can buy tickets here:

Glasslands Gallery